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Attorney Matthew E. Ladd will FIGHT BACK against illegal arrests, unlawful police conduct, and unjust punishments.

An isolated lapse of judgment doesn’t mean you should be treated like a career criminal.

Criminal charges and traffic offenses can carry harsh consequences. Before you commit yourself to huge fines and surcharges or costly points on your license, have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney. More often than you may think, officers do not thoroughly investigate the case, incorrectly draft their paperwork, or overlook important evidence that could prove your innocence. Knowing where the holes are in the prosecution’s case against you can make the difference between fines and prison or walking away being declared “Not Guilty”. Criminal/State and Federal Crimes

We handle state and federal felonies, misdemeanors, bond hearings, police interviews, probation violations, and juvenile crimes.

When the police accuse you of a crime you need to protect yourself. The U.S. Constitution allows you to fight back by hiring a lawyer to prepare your defense. I have handled thousands of cases as a prosecutor and I know how to fight back against the accusations made by the state and police. An aggressive defense can make all the difference between substantial prison time and hearing your two most important words, “Not Guilty.”

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Federal Court

The only thing that matters more than experience is success when it comes to representing clients in federal court.

Federal crimes like drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana, or most other drugs carry mandatory prison time. Navigating your way through the maze of options takes an experienced attorney that knows how to get the least time possible.

Mandatory minimum sentencing only means “mandatory” if you don’t qualify for things like the “safety valve” or “5K” mitigation. Also, if the person charged only had a “minor” or even “minimal” role the court can reduce the amount of prison time. Other important factors that can make the difference in how much prison time is ordered are enhancements (or more prison time) if the person was an organizer, or if they used a private plane, or how much (in weight) was imported or sold.

To learn more about the guidelines call Matthew Ladd, an experienced attorney who knows how to the get the reductions you want at 305-665-3978.

Also, here’s a link to the federal guidelines manual:

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