Flat-Rate Evictions

Tenants and landlords encounter several situations in which they’re accommodations or hospitality taken advantage off on multiple plains.  Everyone deserves to know they have strong representation from a seasoned attorney to guarantee they are fully protected by the law, especially if it affects your or you family’s lifestyle.  

The Law Offices of Matt E. Ladd, Coral Gables, is the champion you depend on to advocate for your rights.   

We guard your property from unruly occupants as well as demand fair housing from your landlord.  Ejection litigation can be painstakingly tedious, but our team knows how to dot the “I”’s and cross the “T”’s, spelling “eviction” for you correctly so you can continue the standard of living to which you’re accustomed.

The Law Offices of Matt E. Ladd, Coral Gables, is a full-service law firm assisting those in need of criminal or civil representation in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida.

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