Divorce and Custody

There is nothing more important than preserving the relationship between parents and their children. Family law cases are cases that involve anything related to marriage and children.


Breaking up can be hard to do, especially once you’re married. Assets and debts have to be divided fairly, and so does time with the children. There are a few things to keep in mind when divorcing:

  • The more that you can agree to, the more money you can save.
  • If you have kids, divorce is the start of your post-married life together. You will have the same grandkids, attend the same birthdays, weddings, proms, baseball games, and even funerals.
  • The sooner you accept that the children have a right to both of their parents the sooner the case can close.

Most divorce cases end with a settlement instead of a trial. Done poorly, divorces can take a few years before the parties can finally agree on how they will govern their post-married life together.

However, most of the time, a divorce case can be resolved at a mediation well before trial. I like to set a goal of resolving divorces within two months of filing. It’s important to help everyone move on and to save the kids’ college savings in the bank instead of paying the lawyers.

Domestic Violence Injunctions

Florida Law makes it really easy to get an injunction for protection. In a lot of cases, the allegations have nothing to with an imminent fear of harm. Instead, some old allegation is conjured up to complicate the other party’s life and time with their kids. The resolution to these types of cases is usually working out an agreement for time-sharing and agree to some rules associated with pick-ups and drop-offs. The kids don’t benefit from having to meet their parents at the police station. There are usually a lot of other great options that will allow exchanges without the parents ever having to see each other.

Adoptions, Dependency, Termination of Parental Rights

The goal of family law is to protect the best interests of the children. Sometimes, the best way to do that is through adoptions, a dependency case plan, or even a termination of parental rights.

Children don’t ask to come into this world and don’t have a say in their circumstances until their about 18 years old. Children born to parents with drug addictions, incarcerated, or otherwise abusive or unfit deserve a stable home and being raised with a chance of success. A lot of times, an aunt, grandmother, or another loving individual can give the child a chance of pursuing a life in a better direction than their parents. Guardianships and adoptions are a great tool to ensure the child’s success and keep the parents in their lives. Sometimes, the parent just needs help or rehabilitation to give the child a chance through a dependency case plan.

All these important factors need to be considered when making a decision that will help the child grow up to be independent, productive, and successful.

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