Penal / Tráfico – Criminal

Nosotros nos encargamos de delitos graves, delitos menores, audiencias de fianza, entrevistas policiales, violaciónes de libertad condicional, y delitos menores. Cuando la policía le acusa de un delito que necesita para protegerse. La Constitución de Estados Unidos le permite a luchar por la contratación de un abogado para preparar su defensa. He manejado miles de […]

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Juveniles Need to Act Fast to Avoid Being Charged As Adults

The State Attorney has the discretion to charge certain juveniles as adults. Defending juveniles requires a certain understanding of the options available. Usually, keeping the crime in juvenile court means the resolution or sentence will be more focused on therapy and rehabilitation rather than punishment. Convincing the prosecutor that the case should stay in juvenile […]

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Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Federal Crimes like drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana, or most other drugs carry mandatory prison time. Navigating your way through the maze of options takes an experienced federal criminal attorney who knows how to get the least time possible. Mandatory minimum sentencing only means “mandatory” if you don’t qualify for […]

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Criminal/Traffic – Criminal

Flat-Rate State and Federal Criminal Litigation Regardless of whether you’re accused by State or Federal Court, it’s a tremendous strain anyone’s life on a multitude of levels.  The specter of consequences that looms above can cause many sleepless nights, but skilled and competent representation can help you rest easy once again.   The Law Offices […]

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