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Winning Is Worth The Fight

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We focus our practice on litigation, both criminal defense and civil matters.  We apply the same philosophy that it takes to beat a murder charge to getting you maximum compensation in an injury case.  We believe that to win, we have to master the facts, always be prepared, and never shy away from going to trial if that is what it takes to get you the maximum compensation for the injury that you suffered.


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A former Blue Martini employee is accused of raping a drunken high school student when driving her home from the bar at Town Center Mall, records show.Read More


Mary Sequoia


It took a lot of hard work to smuggle more than $6.5 million worth of cocaine — crammed inside a corporate jet — into Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport last Thanksgiving, but it was all for naught.Read More


Robin Yellowstone



We Always Put Our Clients First

Matthew Ladd knows how to beat criminal charges because he was a prosecutor. Winning is the only thing that matters when you are facing state or federal charges. We’ve successfully fought some of the most experienced prosecutors and successfully defended against thousands of charges. If you’ve been arrested or just being investigated, talking to the police can lead to whatever you say being used against you. Invoking your right to remain silent, calling us at 305-665-3978, and preparing a strategy can make all of the difference..

Matthew E. Ladd

Attorney since 2003

Syracuse College of Law Graduate