NOT GUILTY: 21 – year old Blue Martini bartender acquitted after we proved he was falsely accused of rape.

A former Blue Martini employee is accused of raping a drunken high school student when driving her home from the bar at Town Center Mall, records show.

His arrest ends a 10-month investigation into allegations that he raped an 18-year-old student from Spanish River High School.

A teacher contacted police on Sept. 10 and said the teen told him she was raped the night before, the report said.

The unidentified victim later told police she met [Our Client] through a friend the night before. He picked them up at her friend’s house about 11 p.m. and drove them to Blue Martini at 6000 W. Glades Road, where he worked.

The night started with a Sex on the Beach cocktail. Then [Our Client] bought the teen three vodka and cranberry drinks. After dancing with friends, she had three more mixed drinks.

About 3 a.m., the teen was drunk and told her friend she wanted to go home, the report said. The friend didn’t want to leave, so a male friend offered to take her home.

The teen’s memory was fuzzy after that, she said, but remembered that it was Barrera who ended up driving her home. On the ride home, he pulled over the car and raped her in the passenger’s seat, she said. She told him to stop, but he didn’t, according to the report.

The next day, she had a black eye, but couldn’t remember how she got it.

[Our Client], of Boca Raton, denied hitting or having sex with the teen. He told police he drove her home and kissed her goodbye.

The results of a key piece of evidence in the case against [Our Client] surfaced on Monday, nearly a year after the incident. Lab results showed that a condom found at the alleged rape scene had both [Our Client] and the teen’s DNA on it.

That afternoon, police arrested [Our Client] and booked him into the Palm Beach County Jail, where he remained Tuesday night.Crystal Brenn, operations manager at Blue Martini, said Barrera stopped working at the bar in Boca Raton about six months ago. She said she didn’t know he was under investigation for rape.

“That’s a horrible thing,” [Our Client] said Tuesday. “My heart goes out to [the victim’s] family. Good thing he doesn’t work here anymore.”

Article from a newspaper:
Alexia Campbell “Former Blue Martini employee arrested in rape of Boca Raton teen” PalmBeachPost
JUNE 30, 2010, 5:37PM