IMMUNITY for fired social worker

The Department of Children and Families caseworker who was fired in the wake of the Barahona abuse investigation wants her job back.
[Our Client], who was fired by DCF last week after she was criticized by an independent review panel formed to investigate the Barahona case, plans to appeal the decision, her lawyer told NBC Miami.
DCF Shake Up[MI] DCF Shake Up
DCF has been criticized for its handling of the Barahona child abuse case and now the organization has put into place measures they believe will prevent another tragedy like this from happening in the future. (Published Tuesday, March 15, 2011)
Attorney Matthew Ladd says [Our Client] was scapegoated by DCF in the death of 10-year-old Nubia Barahona, whose body was found in the back of her adopted father’s pickup truck on the side of I-95 in Palm Beach County on Feb. 14.
[Our Client] had paid a visit to the Miami-Dade home of Jorge and Carmen Barahona just four days before the girl’s body was found and her twin brother Victor was found severely burned.
DCF Head Talks About Barahona Case[MI] DCF Head Talks About Barahona Case
10-Year-old Victor Barahona is out of the hospital, said to be doing well in a therapeutic foster home as DCF releases more documents and information, including another call to the hotline. (Published Thursday, March 3, 2011)
Ladd claims that the Barahonas had a 10-year history with DCF, but that [Our Client] was assigned to the Barahona case that day. He claims she was sent to the home to check on the welfare of the two other foster children in the couple’s care, and that she left after finding no signs of neglect or abuse.
[Our Client], who has been with DCF for 23 years and was an investigator for 10 years, was accused of not doing enough to protect the twins from abuse.
Barahona Panel Scolds DCF[MI] Barahona Panel Scolds DCF
After two weeks, a special panel has given some serious recommendations to improve DCF after the murder of an adopted 10-year-old girl. (Published Friday, March 11, 2011)
“This is a deliberate effort of the bureaucracy trying to save itself at the expense of the very dedicated front-line investigators,” Ladd said in a statement. “DCF’s failure to clear Investigator [Our Client] good name is an obvious attempt to scapegoat.”
Jorge and Carmen Barahona are both facing charges in Nubia’s death and Victor’s abuse.
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Brian Hamacher “Fired Barahona Caseworker Wants DCF Job Back” PalmBeachPostNBC
March 16, 2011, 1:15PM