Aggressive defense. Fight back against illegal arrests, unlawful pull-overs, and false breath readings.
Administrative reviews must be requested within 10 days of the arrest.

A conviction for drinking and driving beyond the legal limit can result in jail time, but the courts will most often allow you to plea to the mandatory minimum sentence and walk away with little more than probation, community service, and fines. Navigating your way to avoid jail time and to save on fines and penalties can be confusing. Not to mention, you may have defenses available that could keep you from being convicted altogether. Aggressive representation can improve your chances of getting the charges dropped completely or reduced to a lesser charge like reckless driving. Don’t take a plea without understanding the strength of your case and knowing your options. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

Finding a lawyer can be a really difficult experience and making sure that the rates you pay are fair can be even harder. I am a former Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney. After retiring from the prosecutor’s office I accepted a position in the Florida House of Representatives where I worked on the creation of various laws related to criminal justice. You can rest assured that the advice I give and the rates I charge are intended to help you and not exploit your situation.

We have an attorney on-call 24/7 to answer your phone calls and assess your situation. Obtaining legal counsel at the earliest possible opportunity allows you to protect your rights and begin building your defense with all the available options. Call today or submit your information below and one or out attorneys will contact you.