Landlords didn’t invest their money in real estate for tenants not to pay them.  We offer a simple process to evict non-paying tenants and tenants who have overstayed their term.  Keeping the process simple helps us get the tenants out as fast as possible.

We start with sending a three-day notice on our letterhead served by a process server. A lot landlords post their own three-day notices.  Hopefully they leave, but when they don’t, letting the tenants know that you have a lawyer and that they are getting ready to get an eviction to stain their record may motivate them.

If the tenant is still there after three days, we file the eviction lawsuit.  Once it’s served, they have five days to respond or the court can enter a default judgment.  With the Clerk’s office being closed due to COVID, the summons are being issued by mail.  It delays the process by a few days, but we work on it as fast as possible.

Once a judgment is entered, we can send the sheriff to execute the move-out.

We split our flat-rate fee of $600 into two payments.  One for the three-day notice ($300) and the second payment of ($300) for filing the eviction and obtaining a default judgment.  Additional costs include the process server fees and filing fees.

The sooner you act, the better, and knowing that it may only take $300 is really reassuring.  We’ve represented landlords for over 10 years and know how to protect them from the latest federal and state eviction rules related to the pandemic.

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