Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Matthew Ladd is a former prosecutor who defends those accused of criminal offenses.  His firm also handles high-value civil matters involving substantial injuries.

Matthew’s strategy involves getting involved in the investigation as early as possible.  Charges as simple as Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit and Run) can be resolved a lot easier before charges are filed.  A defense to White Collar Crimes can sometimes be found before an arrest is made to prevent charges from ever being filed. 

Civil accidents and injuries are also best handled at the earliest stages right after the incident.  Getting the right treatment and building the case early can make a big difference in getting a substantial recovery. 

We handle the defense of all criminal charges from White Collar Crimes like mortgage fraud, embezzlement, fraud, and theft; drug offenses including trafficking, dealing, and possession;  violent crimes involving guns and weapons; and human trafficking, exploitation, and sex offenses.   We have had success in both state and federal courts. 

We have also had success in recovering maximum compensation in civil matters including medical malpractice and serious injuries related to accidents. 

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DUI/Traffic Aggressive defense. Fight back against illegal arrests, unlawful pull-overs, and false b

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