LANDLORD RELIEF: Evictions Finally Starting Back Up

LANDLORD RELIEF- Now not until June 2!

Residential evictions have been stalled since the governor’s order on April 2.  The original order expired after 45 days, which meant May 18th.  But yesterday, the Governor extended the date so that June 2 will be the first opportunity to file evictions against non-paying residential tenants.

The Supreme Court took an additional step after the original governor’s order and ordered that writs of possession remain suspended.  The jury is still out on if the Supreme Court will be issuing a new order after May 18th so that its order is consistent with the governor’s extension.  As it stands right now, an eviction could be filed on June 2, but the sheriff won’t be assisting with the move-outs of the tenants.

Landlords are likely wise to get the ball rolling, because it’s only a matter of time before the process is up and running at full speed.  Tenants should be aggressively working on reaching agreements for a payment plan or make arraignments to move out.

There are still a few questions regarding if the local administrative order for Miami courts will toll response deadlines for tenants until July.  Like the everything pandemic, don’t be shocked if you are told to keep waiting.

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