Stop the Collection Calls with $100 Down and Get Debt Free before New Years!

Creditors harassing you with phone calls at all hours? Too many bills and can’t catch up? Did you get turned down for a job because of your credit score? Facing repossession? Foreclosure?

You can get control of your life and your financial situtation with my proven 4-Step Simple 7 Bankruptcy in as little as a week. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy has alot of advantages, it stops the collections calls, stays all court actions like foreclosures, and helps you re-prioritze your finances.

You can wipe away unsecured debts like credit cards and judgments. You can also wipe away a deficiency judgment from your foreclosure. Bankruptcy gives you the chance to start fresh, put the past behind you, and the ability to start building real wealth.

It’s easy to file with the 4 Step Simple 7 Bankruptcy.

STEP 1: Income Qualification.

As long as you meet the income requirements (Less than $63,937 for a family of four) you can qualify! (Exceptions apply).

STEP 2: Gather the Proof.

After determining how much you make (based on your last 6 months income), gather your last three tax returns, your last six months worth of pay stubs (or similar record from your employer if you have one), six monthly bank account statments for all of your accounts, and your last statment for any pensions, 401(k), life insurance, etc. You will also need proof of your assets like the deed to your home and car title and registration. Finally, gather proof of your debts, like your credit card statments, mortgage, loan statements, and any other outstanding bills.

STEP 3: Pre-File Counseling and Consultation.

Now you are ready to file. It’s just that easy. But call today for a free consultation and make sure that Bankruptcy is right for you. The latest bankruptcy law requires credit counseling before filing, but it can be done online in about an hour. We will show you how to get it done.

STEP 4: The Hearing.

Once the court receives your petition and filing fee, you will receive a court date where the trustee will interview you and make sure that everything in your petition is correct. After the meeting all you need to do is wait for your debt discharge paperwork that will let you know that you are once and for all DEBT FREE!

Payment plans are available so there’s no reason to delay starting the new year DEBT FREE. Call us for a free consultation and get the collection calls to stop! 305-665-3978.

SPECIAL VALID THROUGH DEC. 31: With your $100 downpayment towards filing a Simple 7 Chapter 7 I will arm you with the documents that you need to stop the collection calls.