Flat Rate Evictions

We offer flat-rate eviction services for landlords that needed to start their evictions yesterday. The process of eviction takes attention to detail and needs to be done right or risk being fined for a wrongful eviction.

For our reasonable flat-rate attorney’s fee of $500 we start the process by sending the required three-day notice. If the tenant isn’t out or doesn’t pay within the three-days we file the complaint and serve it with our private process servers. Generally, our process servers get the complaints served within 24 hours.

From there, the tenants have five days to move, pay, or we get the court order to force them out with the sheriff. Get started now before they owe you another day of unpaid rent!

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*Amounts don’t reflect court filing fees, process server fees, and other associated costs. The typical eviction costs between $500-$750 with costs. Amounts discussed herein relate to actions for possession only. Pursuit of unpaid rent, after obtaining possession, is optional and may be performed on an hourly or contingency basis. Nothing contained herein should be considered legal advice and does not form the basis for an attorney-client relationship. Call today to inquire.

Navigating the Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Crimes charged in Federal Court are subject to the onerous Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  Each crime is designated with an offense level that determines how many years in prison are in play for a minimal sentence.  Recent precedent gives the sentencing judge wide discretion in determining how much time should be served even when there are minimum mandatory sentences involved.

Crimes charged in Federal Court are subject to the onerous Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  Each crime is designated with an offense level that determines how many years in prison are in play for a minimal sentence.  Recent precedent gives the sentencing judge wide discretion in determining how much time should be served even when there are minimum mandatory sentences involved. 

In addition to the base offense level, there are factors that could increase or even decrease the guideline sentencing suggestion.  For example, if a gun was used or if someone was seriously injured, a typical drug case could be enhanced with a higher offense level.  The range of things that can increase a base offense level can be something as simple as obstructing the investigation to the fact that a private plane was used to import drugs. 

It’s also possible to decrease the offense level by doing anything from writing a letter of apology and taking responsibility for the offense, to showing that the role played in the offense was “minor” or even “minimal” in relation to the entire offense and the role played by others.  Someone who did not plan or orchestrate the crime should work for a reduction relative to the organizer.       

It’s also really important to know what kind of charge to accept before the plea agreement.  Accepting a charge like “importation” of drugs rather than to “conspiracy to import” may preclude the availability of arguing for mitigating role reductions.  The simple reason being is that if the offense charged is importation, and the person charged carried the drugs into the country, it is a lot harder to say he only had a minor role in the importation.   

However, if the offense is “conspiracy to import”, and the role was carrying the drugs into the country, the ability to argue that the importation was simply a minor or minimal part in relation to the entire conspiracy and relative to the role of others involved, it could shave off a few years of prison.   

Figuring out what is available and what is actually worth pursuing takes an experienced attorney to navigate through the Federal Code.  It seems overwhelming when faced with minimum mandatory sentences and maximum life sentences, but oftentimes, something can done to help reduce the total amount of prison time before sentencing. 

For more information on how to shave years off a sentence prior to sentencing call Coral Gables Federal Criminal Attorney Matthew E. Ladd for a free consultation, 305-665-3978.    



Criminal/Traffic – Criminal

Flat-Rate State and Federal Criminal Litigation

Regardless of whether you’re accused by State or Federal Court, it’s a tremendous strain anyone’s life on a multitude of levels.  The specter of consequences that looms above can cause many sleepless nights, but skilled and competent representation can help you rest easy once again.  

The Law Offices of Matt E. Ladd, Coral Gables, is the legal defender you need to safeguard your freedom.  Let us fight for your liberty and ensure you’re treated with the fairness to which you’re entitled. There can often be a lot of injustice within the Justice System, but Matt Ladd and associates can preserve your sovereignty.

Felonies, misdemeanors, bond hearings, police interviews, probation violations, juvenile crimes, Matt Ladd and associates have seen it all.  When the police accuse you of a crime you need to protect yourself. The U.S. Constitution allows you to fight back by hiring a lawyer to prepare your defense.  We have handled thousands of cases as prosecutors and we know how to fight back against the accusations made by the state and police. An aggressive defense can make all the difference between substantial prison time and freedom.


Some crimes may seem bigger than others, but all stay on your record, tainting your future regardless of how inconsequential.  Misdemeanors for victimless crimes are common, preventing you from getting certain jobs, have a home in your name, and a host of other things that allow you to be a contributing member of your community.

Young or old, arrests for things like petty theft and possession may seem like small bumps on the road of life, but they will destroy your social alignment.  A youthful indiscretion of miniscule size as minor as underage drinking can sometimes be the monster lurking in the shadows of your background scaring away any who look too closely.  

You and your loved ones shouldn’t have to feel the penalties for a delinquency long after the price has been paid.  


The only thing that matters more than experience is success when it comes to representing clients in federal court.

Federal crimes like drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute cocaine, marijuana, or most other drugs carry mandatory prison time. Navigating your way through the maze of options takes an experienced attorney that knows how to get the least time possible.

Mandatory minimum sentencing only means “mandatory” if you don’t qualify for things like the “safety valve” or “5K” mitigation. Also, if the person charged only had a “minor” or even “minimal” role the court can reduce the amount of prison time. Other important factors that can make the difference in how much prison time is ordered are enhancements (or more prison time) if the person was an organizer, or if they used a private plane, or how much (in weight) was imported or sold.

To learn more, click on this link for the federal guideline’s manual.

The Law Offices of Matt E. Ladd, Coral Gables, is a full-service law firm assisting those in need of criminal or civil representation in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida.

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Criminal/Traffic – DUI

Aggressive defense. Fight back against illegal arrests, unlawful pull-overs, and false breath readings.
Administrative reviews must be requested within 10 days of the arrest.

A conviction for drinking and driving beyond the legal limit can result in jail time, but the courts will most often allow you to plea to the mandatory minimum sentence and walk away with little more than probation, community service, and fines. Navigating your way to avoid jail time and to save on fines and penalties can be confusing. Not to mention, you may have defenses available that could keep you from being convicted altogether. Aggressive representation can improve your chances of getting the charges dropped completely or reduced to a lesser charge like reckless driving. Don’t take a plea without understanding the strength of your case and knowing your options. Call today for a complimentary consultation.

Finding a lawyer can be a really difficult experience and making sure that the rates you pay are fair can be even harder. I am a former Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney. After retiring from the prosecutor’s office I accepted a position in the Florida House of Representatives where I worked on the creation of various laws related to criminal justice. You can rest assured that the advice I give and the rates I charge are intended to help you and not exploit your situation.

We have an attorney on-call 24/7 to answer your phone calls and assess your situation. Obtaining legal counsel at the earliest possible opportunity allows you to protect your rights and begin building your defense with all the available options. Call today or submit your information below and one or out attorneys will contact you.

Criminal/Traffic – Traffic Ticket

Let me put my experience as a former prosecutor to work for you. I will help you:

Keep Points off Your License,
Reinstate Your License, and
Avoid Having to Go to Court & Traffic School

I will help you minimize the fines you owe, keep points off your license, and keep you from having to waste hours in traffic school. One call can do it all! Call today!