Flat Rate Evictions

We offer flat-rate eviction services for landlords that needed to start their evictions yesterday. The process of eviction takes attention to detail and needs to be done right or risk being fined for a wrongful eviction.

For our reasonable flat-rate attorney’s fee of $300 we start the process by sending the required three-day notice. If the tenant isn’t out or doesn’t pay within the three-days, we charge the second  $300 attorney fee and then we file the complaint and serve it with our private process servers. Generally, our process servers get the complaints served within 24 hours.  (Filing fees, process server fees, and postage usually costs about $200 and are billed separately.)

From there, the tenants have five days to move, pay, or we get the court order to force them out with the sheriff. Get started now before they owe you another day of unpaid rent!

Call today 305-665-3978.

*Amounts don’t reflect court filing fees, process server fees, and other associated costs. The typical eviction costs between $500-$750 with costs. Amounts discussed herein relate to actions for possession only. Pursuit of unpaid rent, after obtaining possession, is optional and may be performed on an hourly or contingency basis. Nothing contained herein should be considered legal advice and does not form the basis for an attorney-client relationship. Call today to inquire.